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Court Order Book

SHC Court Order Book 1834-1849 Page 399

18 May 1846

Court Order Book 1843-1849

Page 399 -ABSTRACT-



Robert G. Edwards Ptffs}


Against } In Chancery


Anthony M. Howell, Robert Howell, Lemuel Britt and Ann Maria, his wife Dfts}


This day this cause came on to be heard by consent on the bill and answer and was argued by counsel on considerations where of the court debts order, adjudge, and decree that Allen Edwards, who is hereby appointed a special commissioner of....


Court Order Book 1843-1849

Page 400 -ABSTRACT-


... this court after advertising the time and place of sale for ten days at the courthouse and two or more public places in the vicinity of said Lands described in this bill, proceed to sell the said reversions any interest in the

said Land after the death of the said Susannah Howell to the highest bidder and that he reserve so much in cash and will pay the expenses of this service and for the balance of the proceeds of sale he take six equal bonds with good security payable in six months and return them to his trust in order to a final decree.


SHC Court Order Book 1843-1849 Page 578

20 December 1847

Court Order Book 1843-1849

Page 578 -ABSTRACTS-


At a Court of Monthly Sessions held for the County of Southampton of The Commonwealth of Virginia on the 20th day of December 1847


Presents Alexander Myrick Nathaniel Francis Peter J. Holmes} Gentlemen

James E. Peters & Howell Harris? }


The Clerk this day returned a list of deeds admitted to record in his Office since the last proceeding from which list having here inspected by the Court is ordered to be inserted among the minutes of the proceedings of the day and is as follows.


Deed of bargain and Sale from Lemuel J. Britt & wife, Lemuel J. Howell, Edwin Howell and wife and Robert Howell & wife to John B. Jenkins conveying land was returned and together with the certificate annexed of the acknowledgements before two Justices of the Peace admitted to record.


SHC Court Order Book 1843-1849 Page 424


20 July 1846


Court Order Book 1843-1849

Page 424 -ABSTRACT-


Robert G. Edwards Ptff}


Against }In Chancery


Anthony M. Howell, Robert Howell & Lemuel Britt & Ann Mariah his wife Dfts}


This cause came on this day to be again heard on the papers formerly read and in the report of the Commissioners made at the last term to which an exception has been filed and was argued by Counsel. On consideration whereof the Court doth adjudge, order, and decree that the said report be held firm and stable and binding between the parties.


SHC Court Order Book 1843-1849 Page 422

Court Order Book 1843-1849

Page 422 -ABSTRACT- 20JUL1846


Robert G. Edwards ptff}


Against } In Chancery


Anthony M. Howell, Robert Howell & Lemuel Britt & Ann Mariah his wife dfts}



The Commissioners in this cause this day made report which is in these words to wit.

"Agreeably to the above decree I have proceeded to sell at public auction the reversionary interest in the parcel of land of which David Howell dec'd seized and possessed lying on Black Water river at the R. R. warehouse between the County road and John B. Jenkins land supposed to contain five acres more or less and John B. Jenkins became the purchaser for $400.00.


I have deducted for charges to wit: Lawyers fee $10.00

Clerks do 2.38

Comm on 300 5 ps of 100 @ 2 1/2 per 17.50

Six bonds each $61.68 2/3 370.12 $400.00

For which balance I have taken six equal bonds $11.18 2/3 each with security. All of which is herewith respectfully submitted – June 1846. Allen Edwards – And thereupon it is ordered that the Commissioner make a deed of conveyance to the purchaser of the land special warranty and that the Clerk deliver to Robert Edwards share of the bonds …..


Page 423:


…returned by the Commissioner as his proportion of said sales.