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Lemuel J. Howell is the fourth son of David and Susannah Howell. Lemuel appears in the 1850 U. S. Census living with his brother Robert, his mother Susan (Susannah), and a Bryant Howell. Lemuel married Mary Jane Saunders December 16, 1857 in Gates County, North Carolina. The ceremony was witnessed by William H. Cross and William L. Eure. The sons of Lemuel and Mary Jane Howell (Walter Moses and Samuel David Howell) were in the business of milling lumber. They would buy property and sell the timber. A survey was done on September 28, 1908 to mark the boundaries of the property Lemuel owned for the benefit of his heirs. It was recorded in Deed Book 38 page 411 in Hertford County Courthouse on June  23, 1909. Lemuel died in the fall of 1866. Mary Jane filed a petition to the November 1866 Hertford County, NC Court for the widows provisions for one year. Mary Jane remarries to Mitchell Howell on June 5, 1873. Mitchell is a laborer living on their farm and is 28 years old at the time they marry. It is not known if Mitchell is somehow related or is part of another Howell family. Mary Jane Howell died in 1913 and is buried in Buckhorn Baptist Church Cemetery in Como, North Carolina. There is an unmarked grave next to her, but it is not known if it is Lemuel Howell or Mitchell.

Marriage Record

Married Mary Jane Saunders


Records of Mary Jane Saunders (1/22/1830 - 9/19/1913)




Deeds of Trust

Hertford County Deed Book A page 18 & 19





North Carolina

Hertford County


This Indenture entered into this 26th day of May 1862 By and between Charles Skinner of Warren County in said State party of the first part, and Richard Jordan of Gates County of said State party of the second part. Witnesseth, That the said Charles Skinner for and in consideration of the sum of Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Richard Jordan at and before the signing and sealing these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and the said Richard Jordan therefrom released has given, granted, bargained, sold, released, conveyed, and confirmed and by these presents does give, grant, bargain, sell, release, convey, and confirm unto the said Richard Jordan a certain tract and parcel of land lying and being in the County of Hertford aforesaid on the West side of the waters of the Chowan River bounded by said River and the lands of Abram Riddick, Lemuel Howell and others and supposed to contain One Thousand and fifty acres more or less, usually known as Skinners Quarter. To have and to hold the aforesaid land with all and singular the rights, ways, easements, privileges, and other appurtenances thereunto belonging to him, said Richard Jordan, his heirs and assigns, the aforesaid land and every part thereof. And a good and indefeasible estate in fee simple therein forever to cuarrant and defend to the said Richard Jordan his heirs and assigns from and against the claims and demands of all persons whatsoever.

In Testimony Whereof he hereto subscribes his name and affixes his seal the day and date aforesaid. Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us.

W. N. H. Smith Chas Skinner (SEAL)

Jno A. Vann


Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions


State of North Carolina February Term 1863

Hertford County


The due execution of the above and foregoing Deed is proved in open Court by the oath of John A. Vann one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereunto and ordered to be registered.


Test: L. M. Couper, Clerk


SHC Deed Book 28 Page 429

Southampton County Deed Book 28
Page 429


This Deed made this 14th day of April A.D. 1853 between Susannah Howell of Hertford County, N. C. and Wm. Murfee of Southampton COunty, VA. Whereforth, That the said Susannah Howell do ____ unto the said Wm. Murfee his heirs, ____ and assigns all of her ____ ____ in the tract or parcel of land at or near Franklin Depot in the county of Southampton, Va. whereas

Page 430

David Howell, her late husband ____ ___ and possessed from the 1st day of January 1853 for the ____ and ____ her the said Susannah Howell's life to hold to hers and his heirs, admin, & proper use for which the said Wm. Murfee promises to pay her forty dollars lawfull money to be paid at the end of each year as the amount ____ becomes due. Nevertheless the said Wm. Murfee is to allow Robt. G. Edwards to retain posession of land till the 1st of January 1855 he having leased the same for the term of three years commencing the 1st of January 182 at the price of fifty dollars and the said R. G. Edwards pay to the said Wm. Murfee amounts of fifty dollars for his rent annually as it becomes due for the years 1853 & 1854 and the receipt of the said Wm Murfee will be good for the same. Witness our signatures and seals.

Teste,  John B. Wiggins                            Susannah Howell  {SEAL}
his                                Wm. Murfee       {SEAL}
Lemuel  X  J. Howell






Court Minute Book

SHC Court Minute Book 1842-1848 Page 445

At a Court of Monthly Sessions for the County of Southampton at this Courthouse thereof on the 20th day of December 1847
Present Alexander Myrick  Nash Frances
Peter J. Holmes Jas Peters & Howell Harris

The Clerk this day returned a list of Deeds admitted to recors in his Office since the last proceeding term in which list having been inspected by the court is ordered to be inserted in the minutes of the proceedings of the day and is as follows:


Deed of Bargain and Sale from Lemuel J. Britt and wife Lemuel J. Howell Edwin Howell and wife and Robert Howell and wife to John B. Jenkins was Returned and together with the certificate of the acknowledgement of said Britt and wife Lemuel J. Edwin Howell and wife Robert Howell and wife before two justices of the peace admitted to record.

NOTE: Lemuel J. Britt should have been Lemuel G. Britt.



Lemuel and Mary Jane