We are the Howells and we are proud of our name.
Let it not become tarnished.

We, who have come to the end of the Road, wish you well. Over a period of many years we have struggled to clear our Road of Life.  We have shared many joys and good memories in our days gone by, but many of us have suffered hardships along the way. We have cleared the "stumps" of tribulation and removed the many "stones of distress" that threatened our progress.  With the sweat of  our brow and the ache of every muscle, we worked the good earth with hoe and plow, and felt the soil in our hands as we planted the seeds of tomorrow.  At the end of each day, we graciously thanked the Almighty for all our possessions and prayed that He would touch each seed and make it grow.  With His love and guidance, He helped each of us along our Road and with heads bowed, we offered our deepest gratitude.  To each generation to come after us, we ask you one favor.  As you walk along this Road of Life,  and the memories of us trickle through your mind, remember the heartaches left along the way that have long been dried by the sunshine of new birth.  And if you should see a stone that we have missed, gently move it to the side of the Road that those who follow you will not stumble.  When you have joined us at the end of the Road, you will rejoice to know that you have offered a helping hand to ease the way for the generation behind you.