A Family Tree should be considered an important document.  It is a history of our forefathers, and as time passes, it should grow with us. With each new birth, the name and date should be placed in its proper place. As the years go by, if each generation will keep the Tree up to date, it should be of great interest in the years to come.

This site is dedicated to the descendants of David Howell of Southampton County Virginia. This account of the Howell family may not be absolute fact, although we have made every effort toward that end. Its purpose is to present a gathering of the greatest amount of information that we could find, with the thought in mind, it would be of interest to the family members.
Many contradictions of dates have been found throughout our research. We have assumed that the dates taken from headstones and Court documents are correct, whereas, those shown on Census sheets may or may not be true. If anyone should find a true error, please let us know. Our aim is to make this site as accurate as possible.

Other information we have obtained for this site has come from sources on the internet such as genealogy web sites, cemetery records, court records, phone conversations, and letters with distant cousins passing information. We have transcribed court documents such as deeds, wills, chancery suits, court order, court minute books, and census records. Every effort has been made to accurately transcribe these documents in the context they were written. Some words and phrases were given an educated guess or left blank. The handwriting leaves a lot to be desired.

We have posted information, pictures, and such only for the deceased members of the family unless permission has been granted by a living family member to post his or her name and picture. The only other place where information about the living would be listed on this site is in the obituaries that we have posted. Since obituaries are published in the newspapers, we felt that there would be no objection in doing so here.

This website is the first for us. My father and I continue to do research in the courthouses, internet, cemeteries, and newspapers to add useful information to the site. We also acknowledge our cousin LHG for her contributions to this site. In addition, we would like to acknowledge Mrs. Bruce Saunders of Franklin, Virginia for her contributions of cemetery records and obituaries. She has done a tremendous amount of research and work in Southampton and Nansemond Counties. We appreciate everything she has provided us for this site.

If members of the family find any errors, wish to contribute information or transcribe any court documents (the tabs labeled "coming soon"), please feel free to let us know by going to the Contact Tab.

For those of you researching the Howell family, or perhaps “a limb from the tree” will find this site useful. For family members, we hope that you enjoy reading these pages and finding out a little bit about your roots and where you came from.

**NOTE** All photographs and information obtained from this website may be copied and used only for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Feel free to link to this site for your own family connections. Any use of photographs, images, text, or otherwise for commercial purposes or business such as subscriber paid genealogy sites is PROHIBITED.

Keith Howell