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Milly Susanna Howell
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4th Daughter of Anthony M. and Emily (Emma) Howell

Milly Susannah (Susan) was the fifth child and fourth daughter of Anthony M. Howell and Emily (Emma)Williams Joyner. She was born in 1840 in Southampton County, Virginia.
Milly was also a party to the above Chancery suit against her father, and Trustee John Moore, forcing the sale of a tract of land and slaves owned by her mother “Emma” prior to her marriage to Anthony M. Howell. Anthony and Emma filed Articles of Separation in 1849 “finding it impossible on account of domestic differences to live amicably together.” When her mother Emma died in February 1851 of small pox, her sisters Harriet and Ann Mariah wanted the proceeds from the sale of the land and slaves to be used for themselves and for the care and maintenance of Milly, Henry, and Emmaline.
Susan was under the guardianship of John Moore until January 17, 1859. It was recorded in the SHC Guardianship Book 4 page 146 that at some point Susannah (Susan) married James T. Parker and he collected $366.49 due her from John Moore's account. {UPDATE} James Thomas Parker married Susannah on 25 July 1858 in Gates County, N.C. (source - Ancestry N.C. marriages & SHC archives courtesy of Mrs. Bruce Saunders)

James and "Susannah" were found in the 1870 U. S. Census living in Cypress Chapel Township in Nansemond County, Virginia. James is 36 and Susannah 30. They have three children: Lucy T, 11, Willis J. 4, and Harriet E. 3. The research continues