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SHC Deed Book 25 Page 476 Lemuel Britt to Abram Riddick - Interest in estate of David Howell

SHC Deed Book 25 page 476

December 16th 1842

Know all men by these presents that I Lemuel Britt of Hertford County N. Carolina hath this day sold unto Abram Riddick of the same County and state for the sum of two hundred dollars all my right Interest __ to and in the Estate of David Howell of Southampton County Va the father of my wife, the receipt of the said sum of two hundred dollars for the premises & I do hereby acknowledge and do for myself and my heirs warrant and defend the said Riddick and I empower him to sue for and ____ said interest (if necessary) for his own use and benefit. In testimony of the above I have caused my seal to be made & made my mark the day and year first above written.

.                                                                                            his
.                                                                                  Lemuel X Britt {SEAL}
.                                                                                           mark

Southampton County In the Clerks Office the 19th day of December 1842

This deed of bargain & sale from Lemuel Britt to Abram Riddick was acknowledged by the said Britt and admitted to record.

.                                                                                                 Teste

.                                                                                                            L. R. Edwards C C


SHC Deed Book 26 page 258 - Deed of Trust - Lemuel Britt & William P Moore & Abram Riddick

SHC Deed Book 26 Page 258

This Indenture  made entered into this 22nd day of June 1844 between Lemuel Britt of Southampton Cty Va of the first part, William P Moore of the second part, and Abram Riddick of the third part both of Hertford Cty N C. Witnesseth  that the said Lemuel Britt is indebted to the said Abram Riddick in the sum of one hundred and thirty dollars due by bond bearing date with this article June 12/44 with interest from sale which note the said Lemuel Britt is willing and desires to pay and further the said Britt is ____ and ____ of placing the said bond in safety to the said Riddick. Therefore this Indenture Witnesseth that for and consideration of the promises and in the sum of one dollar to him in hand paid by the said William P Moore trustee the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged he the said Lemuel Britt hath given granted bargained and sold and by these presence doth give grant bargain and sell unto the said William P Moore the following property. Viz first all his undivided interest in and to his Mother-in-laws estate in Southampton Cty Virginia Susan Howell widow of David Howell also one ____ mare and colt one ___ gig & harness one cart and wheels and gear one loom and furniture three beds _____ 2 furniture two guns chairs, chests trunks & all my kitchen furniture ____ ____ all my farming and working tools & all my growing crops of corn cotton fodder peas potatoes & together with all and every other article now in my possession and belonging to me. To have and to hold the aforesaid property unto him the said William P Moore trustee his heirs and assigns forever upon Trust. Nevertheless that the said Britt is to remain in quiet possession of all the aforesaid property until required by the said Riddick to be sold whereupon the said Moore shall advertise the time & place of sale and proceed to sell all the aforesaid property conveyed or intended to be conveyed and first after paying all cost,  pay to Abram Riddick the amt of said note one hundred and thirty dollars with lawful interest from June 22 1844 and the balance if any pay over to the said Lemuel Britt. In Testimony whereof we the several parties have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year first before written.

Signed sealed and delivered in the}

.             Presence of                       }                                                                          his

.            Robert J Fitch                     }                                                            Lemuel X Britt  {SEAL}

.                                                       }                                                                          mark

.                                                       }

.                                                       }                                                          William P Moore {SEAL}

.                                                       }

.                                                       }                                                          Abram Riddick {SEAL}

Southampton County in the Clerks Office the 15th day of July 1844

This Seed of trust between Lemuel Britt of the first part Williwm P. Moore of the second part & Abram Riddick of the third part was acknowledged by Britt & Riddick two of the parties thereto and admitted to record.

                                                                                                Teste     L. R. Edwards     C. C.